A satisfaction survey, what for ?
Identify and reduce unsatisfied clients segment,
measure perceived quality compare to competitors one,
survey“lost clients” segment and identify
key factors of the relation break

Number interviews:
20 to 13000

Method of collecting:
by Internet and phone

Time of production:
2 weeks to 6 months

Sample structure and quotas:

Upstream phase :
1. Leaders membership to involve and sensitize quality approach management
2. Market study to identify, understand, prioritise al dimensions of customer relationship and its variables
Operation phase :
3. Customers satisfaction barometer for measuring perceived quality and creating geographic and historic comparison indicator
4. Competition analysis for measuring its quality compared to its important competitors
5. Mystery customers for measuring lived quality
6. Lost Customers for analysing break reasons with customers having a high acuity of disengagement
7. Mirror survey for comparing customers perception to associates
Downstream phase :
8. Segmentation and modelling for making a strategic segmentation of the customer and transform this one to an operational
9. Coaching for bringing operational recommendations and adapted communication